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Posted: February 23, 2014 | Full size is 1200 × 1600 pixels

My man Dwayne was living and working in New York City during the 9/11 attacks. His office was near the World Trade Center, so he witnessed everything first hand. He knew after that day that somehow, some way, he had to help make a difference. He wanted to dedicate his life to helping end the War on Terrorism. So he enlisted for the Navy, and during the fitness test was told he was too small, too weak. At 94lbs, and only able to do 2 pushups, and not even 1 pull-up, it seemed nearly impossible. DETERMINED to get stronger…and to prove not only to himself, but to everyone that said he couldn’t do it…he got FIRED UP and started training HARD!

Fast forward a few years later and he is now at 150lbs, able to do 80+ pushups, and 20+ pull-ups! This past month, I challenged him to a final 30 day challenge to beef up before he leaves for deployment, his 3rd and final! DANG! He put on 10 more lbs of beef to get ready to DO WORK overseas! Had to get him GAME TIME READY!! Proud of his hard work and results, and I thank him and all that serve!

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