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Posted: February 23, 2014 | Full size is 1200 × 1600 pixels

My man Chris was looking to make a change in his life. He said he was not satisfied with how his body looked, but more importantly, how it made him feel. Not quite sure how working out would work for him because he was never an athlete, and had very little previous gym experience. I said “Chris, things are about to change!! It’s gonna take some work, and sacrifice, but if you want it bad enough, you’re going to get there!” Fast forward only 3 months later, and he’s already down 15 lbs, and feels stronger and more energetic than ever! How?? Hard work, dedication, and belief! He started to BELIEVE so strongly, that he too, can achieve his goals! Proud of him for his hard work! But we’re not done…we still got work to do! His story is still being written…

What’s your story?…

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